Valentines Panorama

Blame Cupid

I may act silly
and maybe even stupid
But don't blame me,
blame it on the cupid
He shot me with his arrow
where the Sun don't shine
It still hurts to sit
But at least you're my Valentine

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I was followed by a boy today
He said his name was Cupid
As he explained why he was following me
I wondered why he dressed so stupid

Dressed in what seemed to me like diapers
in this freezing New York weather
He carried a bow and arrow
and had wings made of white feathers

His arrow made people lovers
who were strangers one minute before
But when his arrow hit me,
it bounced on to the floor

Never had his arrow failed
to set love into motion
Unless the love was already there
and separated by an ocean!

"You're right..." I said to Cupid,
"My true love is far away...
Though we hoped to be together
We could not find a way"

He said that he could help me
if I did what he'd propose
I could fly over to see you
if I wore his stupid clothes

I laughed for about 10 minutes
and then I asked if that was all
The clothes fit kind of tight on me
It wasn't made for 6 foot tall

He said no one could see me
and that I'd have only a day
I thanked him and I waved good bye
while my wings carried me away

My wings were much too slow
so I used a 747's
I almost froze in those little pants
as we climbed up near the heavens

The warm sun of Aruba
quickly brought to mind my goal
Shoot this arrow through the air
and pray it touches my love's soul

I pulled back on the strings
and then with all my might
I shot the bow and ran as fast as wind
to keep it in my sight

I reached it just in time
as the arrow found you in bed
I thought you'd turn around
but you kept sleeping instead

You thought the wind was blowing
as I whispered in your ear
"I loved you from the moment
you made my smile re-appear"

I left you with a kiss
and no memories of this night
I thanked Cupid for his help
and the stupid clothes that fit so tight

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Dreaming of a Valentine

Alone at home with nowhere to go
No one to be with and no one to hold

While others can't wait for the 14th of February
I'll be asleep on this day truly ordinary

Having a dream
No... more like a fantasy
My eyes are closed
It's you that I see

I stretch out my arm
I reach for your hand
You're suddenly gone
I'm left in dreamland

I wake up early, hoping it's not too late
I pick up the phone to ask you on a date

Your mother picks up
and says "She's not here!"
I hang up the phone
There's always next year.

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January Valentine

The last few months have been a dream
Our romance shorter than it seems
Yet it feels like destiny together
has brought us both to make things better

Always smiles, no more tears
Our friendship is what made it clear
that next month on the day of hearts,
we won't be too far apart

I thank God almost everyday,
though I may not get down and pray
Within my heart, I let him know
I never want to let you go

Hold me tight and you will see,
a dozen roses you'll receive
Others jealous, you are mine
Let them be, it's Valentine

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One Thing Left to Say

I don't know what there's left to say
about the love we have
I've told you how you make me happy
and how you make me mad

I've told you how I love your voice;
how I can talk to you all day
I've told you how you argue too much;
when there's so much I can take

I've told you how I love your hair,
your cheeks, your warmth, your kiss
I've told you how restless I get
when making love I miss

I've told you how much I love you,
that I've loved nobody more
I've told you how I hope someday
walk through your parents' door

I know I've told you everything
except for these final lines
There's one thing left to say my love. . .
Happy Valentine's

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