Memories Panorama

Forever Unread

Not one day...
Not one single day has passed,
since you walked out of my life,
that I have not thought of you

Everywhere I am and everywhere I go,
I'm flooded by your memory;
I'm filled with a love for you

It's taken a strength I never knew I had
to hold back these same tears
I once shed for you

Never again will I cry for a girl
who exposed my deepest emotions
to a world unfamiliar to me...
scarring me for the rest of my life

My only bad dreams are good dreams with you
I still love you, though I hate you
I can't forget you, nor forgive you

I'm sorry you'll never read this letter
If only you knew how I felt

I hope you can live with yourself...
you've made me cry again!

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Memories of a Day

It took just one mere second
I knew it must be fate
I had to make you mine
In my heart I'd make a place
First, I'd have to get to know you
Then I'd move on in
I knew no more than a name
But I knew your love I'd win
Just to have you notice me
I did all that it took
I thought I now knew you enough
I read you like a book
Judging not the cover
Though it had much to admire
I looked to see the love within
that truly lit my fire
No longer could we hide emotions
we hid so deep inside
We knew if we searched long enough
true love we both would find
How quickly things have changed
since that first day that we met
From finding love I never knew
to holding what is left. . .

. . .memories of a day

I thought it would be easy
Falling for you wasn't hard
All I did was look up at the sky
and wished upon a star
Burning on pure love,
it shined its gentle rays
With me in all my days and nights,
I thought you'd always stay
Little did I know of a hold
I'd have to overcome
One a former lover had on you
You thought he was the one
When you thought no one could love you,
I proved how much I cared
When you thought no one would take his place,
you looked and I was there
Too bad he can't accept the fact
he's undeserving of your love
He offers only tempting lies
I have a star above
And if there's anything in this world
you know your heart can trust
It's when I say I love you
Even if it's just. . .

. . .memories of day

We spent our final days together
holding back the tears
I'll spend each day after alone,
trying to hide my fears
We grew so far our final days,
the time before I'll miss
I took from you what love was left
in our gentle, final kiss
Hugged you for so long
In the end, I had to let you go
I know you'll never write
or ever call to say hello
To say you will is wishful thinking
How I wish you were with me
Although I know he'll hurt you,
I think with him you want to be
It's impossible to understand
why such pain you'd want to feel
The star was just a symbol
of my love for you that's real
If ever it should dim
I'll know you've given in
If I lose your love to him
with your memories I'll win

Memories of a day
I held you in my arms
Gave my best to love you
Kept you away from harm

Made the others jealous
Wished they had a love like ours
Loved you every minute,
while I counted down the hours

Memories of a day
I looked at you with tear-filled eyes
Never thought you'd ever leave me
and I'd have to say good-bye

It's a tragedy to lose
what you've worked hard to obtain
Months you've dreamed of having love
you'd lose in but a day

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I squeeze my pillow and hold on to
the thought of why it can't be you.

The walls around me act as shelter
from those who say I should forget her.

Water drips down from the faucet.
Looks like the tears of when I lost it.

A mirror reflects a falsely sight:
a man who's brave and full of might.

But be it known that truth prevails.
Without you I'm just scared and frail.

To me it does not quite seem fair
of how the clouds just dance on air.

Here today and gone tomorrow.
Love and happiness, then sorrow.

The rain is gone. The Sun seems new.
Somehow the day reminds me of you.

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