Love Panorama


Silence broken only
by the beating of my heart
It pumps but lonely tears
as we slowly drift apart
We had the kind of love
others wish they knew
I now realize it was a dream;
one which would end real soon
For reasons why I can not understand
I thought I'd always be your man
How could you go and leave me now
How could you go and let me down

As yet another day
comes slowly to an end
I find myself alone
without my only friend -
to whom I gave my heart,
a love unlike any other
Now I'm left to wonder,
"Was I just another lover?"
I gave you my love daily
But still my efforts failed me
Never once was satisfied
The day you left I thought I'd die

Never knew the length
to which my heart would go
In proving my love for you
I showed a heart of gold
Even if all day,
I'd wait there by the phone
When you returned my call
It'd be your last hello
Never even good-bye
Our love was nothing more than lies
Never would have known
I'd be left here all alone

As I walk along these streets,
something seems to follow
Your name has haunted me since then
and now until tomorrow
It seems it's now as common
as the air that we both breathe
But your love from me is far
How I wish your heart could see
Why are you so blind?
If only you could find
my love - it was your only
You've left my heart so lonely

Alone you broke my heart
Alone I'll mend the broken parts
The pain runs wild through my bones
as I realize I stand alone
Alone I'll shed my tears
Alone I'll deal with pain and fears
In my heart you'll always have a home
For you I live but I'll die alone

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I'm Sorry

I now admit, ashamed to say,
the biggest mistake ever made
To let you go; the one I praised
(For whom I made my heart her slave.)
To you, I would my days devote
(My actions sang a different note.)
I broke your heart... I'm sure it shows,
the scar I made when I was bold

No longer young, I find I'm lonely
My youth is gone and so is the only
girl I loved... She passed away
before I got a chance to say,
"you meant so much to me". Since then,
I never fell in love again
I pray that God will let me see
"my angel" so I can say, "I'm sorry"

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The pain is just

Without love life seems

I hear there's millions like me:

So why does it feel like I'm
the only?

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The Ones We Forget

Feeling the thunder
as the train rides the track
Still, one cannot feel
the life which they lack
They are the homeless --
the ones we forget
Our worst nightmares can't bring
the places they've slept

For reasons unknown
they've ended up nowhere
All the money in this world
but still we don't care
We look at them as weak
But they're stonger it seems
They survive day by day
through the horrors not seen

They show us a cup
We drop in a quarter
Criminals in jail
get at least bread and water
They've done nothing wrong but for our help came
We offered them little... So we are to blame

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