Love Panorama

The Approach

Months and months I have spent simply gawking
Was it my shyness that I have to blame?
Just how long did I plan to keep walking
Missing the target before taking aim

Rome wasn’t built in a day so I’ve heard
Surely this can’t compare to that struggle
Give me a sign like a breeze to a bird
that the words that come out I won’t juggle

My mouth feels dry and the sweat starts to pour
Walking I feel like my feet are in gum
I watch as a friend now makes it his chore
My stomach turns and my heart plays a drum

Reaching the point where the road takes a bend
I sense the approach of love without end

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Can't You See That I Need You?

It feels longer than forever
since the last time that we touched
We talk all day on the phone
but still I find I miss you much
Your face would have seemed blurry
if not for pictures I hold close
As these winter days get colder,
I find your warmth I miss the most
I wonder how I made it
through these lonely, desperate days
Maybe with the hope
that someday you will stay
Must admit that I have questioned
if the love we have is true
But the moment I laid eyes on you
the answer my heart knew
Never another day goes by
that I will not see you
What could I, from life, ask more
Can't you see I need you?

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Dreaming of a Lover

Alone at home
with nowhere to go
No one to be with
and no one to hold
Tossing back and forth…
If only you knew,
I would fall asleep
while I’m thinking of you
I’m having a dream
No… more like a fantasy
My eyes are closed
It’s you that I see
I stretch out my arm
and reach for your hand
You’re suddenly gone
I’m left in dreamland

Like a dream
of yesterday,
you were once here
but now you’ve gone away
I try to go back;
return to the same dream
I try my best to find you
but I’m lost it seems…
in a world, merely illusion
But the love is truly real
I turn across my bed
and there’s no one there to feel
Of my dreams I know
I must take control
Because in my dreams
it was my heart you stole

A friend has noticed changes
She sees a tired man
I try to explain a problem,
which I myself don’t understand
Why can’t I have this girl?
The thought is driving me insane
She asks me who it is
I try now to explain
I dream of a girl
who’s warm and caring
Her beautiful looks
keeps all the guys staring
I talk to you
What do you know…
Dreams do come true!!!

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Gift of Words

I must admit, I don't have much
But I had to give you something
Consider this a small payback
for all the love that you bring

I did not want to fall for you
I'd been hurt once or twice
We've been together 4 months now
It's been the best time of my life

I love you so much
You love me too, I know
When it's time to leave and say good-bye
it's hard for me to let you go

In my dreams you're always on my mind
When you're not you're in my heart
I see the next 4 months of my life
Guess what? You're still a part

I hope you feel these words
and in your heart they bring you pleasure
May these words be to you what you are to me:
a blessing and a treasure

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I've Seen You

I know I’ve seen you somewhere
But where I can’t remember
Was it at the beach during the summer,
or in the snow that fell December?

Could it be when you were a child
or maybe as a teen
You crossed my path and to this day,
the impression can be seen

Please grant me a moment
to try and recollect
the first day you walked into my life;
the first time that we met

(I close my eyes and suddenly
it comes to me like déjà vu)
When I was twelve, I had a dream
with a girl I dare to say is you!

Long before I should’ve known,
I knew I was in love
How could I reject this gift given
to me from up above?

I’ve waited for my dream girl
longer than you’ll ever know
And now that I know that girl is you
I’ll never let you go

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Joy Cause You're Mine

The sun always shines
on the path that you walk
The birds to you sing
and stop when you talk

Clouds only form
to provide you with shade
Roses bloom tall
near the grass where you laid.

When you take out a dollar,
even Washington winks
If beauty’s a boat,
you’re a yacht that won’t sink

The oceans will wave
for a sign of your love
Stars fall from the sky
as a gift from above

The lights of the heavens
can be seen in your eyes
Angels rain tears
of joy cause you’re mine

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My Inspiration

Though tired and worn,
I spring out of bed
I could've been sleeping,
but I'm leaping instead

The start of the morning
brings joy to my heart
Knowing I'm living
and knowing you're part

Your warmth can be felt
when far or when near
When the world seems confusing,
your love seems so clear

I know I can make it,
with you by my side
Through hard times and losses. . .
through tears I may cry

You're the love of my life
With no hesitation,
I'll give it my all
You're my inspiration

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My Love For You

My love for you is like a book.
For anyone who has never had a good book,
it's really hard to put down once it captures your attention.
The only thing more beautiful than this book, are the words inside.
Each page better than the one before.

This book always seemed to surprise me.
It brought a smile to my face,
put a sparkle in my eyes,
and gave a glow to my heart.
Rarely are books of such quality written.
Much less, found and read.

I've seen many books.
Even skimmed through some.
But never have I read a book, from cover to cover... after page, beginning to end.
I wouldn't have known this book better had I written it myself.

I never gave up on it.
When it seemed confusing,
I read between the lines.
When I didn't understand,
I read it slowly and carefully.
When something made me upset,
I didn't throw it away.
I didn't pick up another.
I was patient.
I love this book!
It was well worth the time spent reading.
No regrets.

But the time has come to put down this book.
The ending never changes.
Something seems to be missing.
I'll never read a book like this again.
This book is truly a one of a kind.

Maybe someday, the author will change the ending.
Till then, I'll be waiting.
Holding each word close.
Never forgetting all that it gave me
and what little it asked in return.

All it wanted was a chance:
to be held,
to be read,
to be loved.
And that's what it received...
...undoubtedly and unselfishly.

This isn't the end or the final chapter.
After all, "a true love story never had an ending".
And I truly love you.

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Not Sure

I'm not sure what dream will be tonight
I'm not sure if tomorrow's sun is bright

I'm not sure what color shirt I'll wear
I'm not sure if I should say a prayer

I'm not sure what news the paper brings
I'm not sure if I should read these things

I'm not sure what I will eat today
I'm not sure if there's a train delay

I'm not sure what will become of me
I'm not sure how important I'll be

I'm not sure what pain my life will bring
I'm not sure if joy will come this spring

I've never been sure of a thing or two
But I'm sure of how much I love you

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Paper Rose

When I thought I might have wanted more,
I found you're all I need
When my garden of life was empty,
your love was like a seed
Hidden beneath a layer,
I'm sure few would but discover
But with proper warmth and caring,
it was beauty I uncovered
You blossomed to what I knew you would;
to what we have today:
A rose among the many weeds
I'm lucky I'd have to say
What the rose feels when it's watered
is what I feel when we touch lips
See, your love is a necessity
I without can't seem to live
And so I send my love to you
in words that end in rhymes
It may seem like only paper,
but it's the kind that lasts for all time

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Poet's Might

A dozen roses are alright.
But better yet: a poet's might!

. . .with word's that aim right to your heart
and hit the bull's eye like a dart.

Sweet words don't die in a short time,
but last as long as you are mine.

Don't be fooled by petty tokens.
Those gifts are bought while mine are spoken.

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Sum of All Love

Take the sum of all love past
to make a love which none outlast

Subtract those things which bring no good
and lead to days not understood

All the beauty deep inside
comes out again twice multiplied!

Where hearts no longer show division
A love equal to Heaven's vision

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This Is Why I Love You

Your expression seems so different
It's not one that I miss
What I never want to do
is have to beg you for a kiss

No longer are we talking
when you soon begin to yell
You could not take the words back in
Suddenly, my heart just fell

You woke up on the wrong side
of the bed on which you dream
of the next time you'll say "I love you"
But today's words are obscene

I patiently wait for your apology
And sure enough, you come through
You're understanding when I act the same way
This is why I love you

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The air penetrates me...
like freezing water through a broken umbrella
A long row of park benches sit empty
The sunny moon can be seen between the branches
of the naked trees with hints of ice and snow
Starry lights radiate from the Manhattan skyline
just across the brunette river
The Promenade seems lifeless, except for the
parade of red and white lights on the roadway below
I can almost touch the Brooklyn Bridge,
connecting here with there...
Only now do my eyes make a similar connection
I have stood here before
Simply, my gaze fell short of appreciation
But 5 minutes ago I proposed to her
Tonight... New York is beautiful

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Untitled - The Moon Poem

Let the moon be our eyes
when distance keeps from otherwise
Each night its stages clearly show
the moments we will not let go

A new moon invisible at first;
Where love will grow until it bursts
Hiding there among the stars
Soon to surpass them all by far

The crescent moon seems like a wink;
an eye when kissed that seems to shrink;
a smile we share from joy and laughter -
illuminating nights thereafter

A half moon shining bright and dark
Joined by a line that keeps our spark
Half-filled with love but getting stronger
as days get short and nights grow longer

A full moon shining like a face
Though yours it could never replace
Completely lit yet not quite done
Until the day we become one

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