Love Panorama

A Baby's Mother

You yourself are just a baby
But soon they'll be another
Cause come nine months soon down the road
you'll be a baby's mother

As one's mother you'll be great
For I know how much you're caring
I'll be there like you were for me
I know times now feel scary

Just when it seems fear drives you crazy,
excitement takes control
Inside your loving body
grows a newborn baby's soul

I'll be the first to hug you
when you bring into this world
a beautiful child, looks just like you...
a baby boy or girl!

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"Another time... another place..."
The time was just "not meant to be"
How true these words ring now
as I find you're not with me
I knew that going into this
But I really didn't care
I've had my share of heartache
A little more seems only fair
Yet it doesn't make it easier
More and more is chipped away
I can't get used to knowing
that I could not make you stay
What hurts was not that I was in love
But that the chance was never mine
The love that I was searching for
was never there to find
You never knew what you wanted
Though there were times I thought you would
Like when you said you could not be with someone
but with me you thought you could
Or the time I had no one to help me
with the frame that I just bought
You drove your car to pick me up
without a second thought
You made my favorite dinner once
We ate it on the couch
At times I was so happy
I'd forget I was a grouch
And when we fell asleep in Central Park
You, me and your baby
We played all day without a kiss
It almost drove us crazy
But wait... we were too different
You were the one to point that out
I thought that's what made us unique
Instead that's what we fought about
Black and white, no shades of gray
Fire always melts snow
The flame you had for someone else
was why I had to let you go
It's not that we were opposites
but identical in a way
The one we always wanted
was the one taken away
Who am I to say
he's not the one for you
Just know that in my heart
there is a hidden place for you
Today cannot compare to
the friendship we had before
Because today I know I held you once
so our friendship is so much more

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As the Days Go By

As the days go by,
I think of how it used to be
Two hearts were formed as one
Our lives in perfect harmony

I'll always think what could've been
had I never let you go
But now it's much too late for me
to ever really know

As the days go by,
I think of our first kiss
All the fun we had
I find those days I miss

I'll always think what could've been
had our song not ended
I'm sure we would still be in love
had your broken heart not mended

As the days go by,
I think of how since then
we both have gone our separate ways
and yet remain good friends

I'll always think what could've been
but at love there's just one try
I find that sometimes friendship's better
as the days go by

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It hurt so much to hear you cry
Wouldn't you know I'd almost try
to run the several hundred miles
to you if just to bring one smile

Instead I prayed for scars to heal
The ones you've had at times I'd feel
There's reason in this master plan
Even though we don't quite understand

Things got better. Yes, I knew it
This life we paint is God who drew it
And if you need me ever again,
in me always you have a friend

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Happy Birthday Lady

I know your birthday came and went
I wish I could've been there
I held your hand in spirit
to show you that I care

When you blew your candles out
to make your birthday wish
I hope you know the last flame out
is where I placed your kiss

When your birthday wish comes true
I hope I'm there to see it
I didn't get you a gift this year
But maybe next year I'll be it!

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No one can deny
the strange behavior that love causes
At one time or another,
we're all helpless under its forces

We do things which are illogical
Even say things we don't mean
But in the end we must remember:
friendship binds us at the seams

Though we may fight and be apart,
fate will get us through it
You loved me and I loved you
I think we always knew it

Where this leads, no one is sure
I'm sure time will make things clearer
With every passing day I wish
an answer will move nearer

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