End Panorama

Broken Heart

I see you from behind a wall
of tears not seen but felt outdoor

My tears build up but never flow
The hand to your heart will never let go

I hear my heart, it screams despair
It knows a love like yours was rare

Time no longer exists for me
The years may pass... for me unlikely

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Getting Over You

Though shorter than the time
I would've liked to spend together,
having you at all
makes life a thousand times much better

Like a comet, you showered me with love
Then quickly disappeared
I see you every so often
The time seems to take for years

Our days were brief and yet so lasting
At times, feelings still overwhelm me
For when it starts to rain outside
the tears also storm within me

Though you were all I lived for,
I will mourn for you no longer
As painful as the ordeal was,
it made my heart much stronger

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I Would Have

I would have given you the world
if this world were mine to give

I would have spent with you my life
if 10 lifetimes I could live

I would have closed my eyes forever
if I could see you in one long dream

I would have hired a room of scientists
if they explained what this could mean

I would have stopped the clocks around me
if time with you would stay the same

I would have gotten over this heart-break
if your love were to remain

I would have jumped off the highest ledge
if somehow you'd keep me flying

I would have taken a detector test
if this could prove I wasn't lying

I would have sang aloud on radio
if I made your name a song

I would have waited for you at 5am
if just to see your face at dawn

I would have brought to you one flower
if 5 bouquets were just too much

I would have brushed against your skin
if I could feel the slightest touch

I would have given you a ring
if this above all would show...

I would have done anything for you
if you had never let me go

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Nowhere to Go

. . .a room full of strangers
Of all the places you could be
You find yourself
always sitting next to me
Quiet; you're alone
Talking; he's by your side
Why can't for once
you push your foolish pride aside
Think of how you made me feel
the day you let me go
Loving him in front of me
Have you no other place to go?
Flaunting newfound love
in the face of one who's dying
Love can be so fatal
Although living I am trying
In this endless maze of time,
the hours just pass by
In the center is your love
Although another's won first prize
Searching I will stay
Things will never change
Your face reminds me of my fate
I guess the fact remains. . .

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Sudden Absence

All good things must come to an end
When this was all over, I lost more than a friend
Fell in love with a girl who would soon depart
Leaving behind but a broken heart
A feeling of loneliness once again overtakes me
At night in my sleep, the thought of you awakes me
It wasn't your fault. You had to go
How could you tell? How would you know?

Shocking to me how it ended so fast
I thought it could work. I thought it would last
Took you out for one last time
Hard to say if you were ever mine
Now all I feel is pain and sorrow
Never will I see you day after tomorrow
You've made me a promise to keep in touch
I'll cherish those words, "I love you so much!"

When you're scared and alone, feel safe and sound
Keep me in your heart. I'll always be around
Though we can't be together to hold and to kiss,
with the memories we share, there's little we'll miss
Nothing less than the best is what you have earned
The fire in my heart for you will always burn
Only time will heal the pain I sense
. . .a feeling caused by sudden absence

Sudden absence. . .
never a hint or warning
Left drowning in my sorrows
like a flower in a storm and
if I knew
I'd hurt this way,
for you I'd do it all again
My love for you remains. . .

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Who Do You Love?

Was it he you'd really see,
when actually you looked at me?

It seemed to me you looked to steal
the love in he you could not feel

There was a time that I would brag
that you were mine, but now I'm mad

I think I'll hit a wall or two
cause this is it, the end, we're through

I'll miss you, yes. I understand
It's for the best. You have a man

But when with him, it's not the same
You'll always think to say my name

And when at last from up above,
the question asked: "Who do you love?"

You'd better think before you speak
Cause in a blink, it's him or me

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